When Working Out is Ugly

I will post my many workout laughs, embarrassments, struggles and accomplishments!

Working out is hard people.

You are transforming your body to be more.

To be what it was intended to be- a well oiled machine that is strong and can do things, go places and live a well lived life.

Is it worth it- YES YES YES (without any doubt)

Listen there are no magic pills or easy roads.  Magic didn’t make you out of shape.  And if your not out of shape- Thank God you have less of a hard road ahead of you and for Pete’s sake- keep moving forward and become fully who you are.  Why are we settling for less- Because it’s hard.  If you quit that easy than your life will never amount to much and you won’t do much.  But if you do want more?  Than MOVE and MOVE some more.


Enjoy the coming Posts!

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