Why I want to Help You!

My name is Jennifer Gresham

For about 12 years I have been researching and studying Nutrition, herbs and healthy living. My journey began with joining a Nourishing Traditions Group. Eventually creating my own Nutrition group. Time goes on……..I am immersed in children and family life. I became unbalanced and let myself go fitness wise. I became very overweight. Life got harder than it needed to be and I finally got fed up with it.

So I began the search. MyFitnessPal, Weight Watchers, Doctors, tests, and nothing seemed to be working. I was not comfortable with taking pills or surgeries. My nutrition knowledge knew better. But I was unhappy and desperate. I began running. It was Dam hard. But I knew it would change my body. God brought a friend to me that told me about a class called Turbo Fire. So I bought it off Craigslist and tried it. Okay…… I began to see some slight changes. The scale was finally moving a bit. Then my friend told me about a live Insanity class (another one I had never heard of). So I nervously tried it. It’s not easy going into a fitness class overweight. The workout KICKED my BUTT. But I liked it. I liked the challenge. I liked the healthy pressure from my competitive nature to not give up. I also got away from my tiny sweet little distractions at home. I started going 3 times a week and running. Again more changes started happening but I was skeptical. While the scale barely moved- which totally pissed me off. Others where making comments about seeing a difference. My cloths fit a little looser. “Okay, ” I though…..so I kept going after 3-4 months the instructor informed me of how proud of me she was and that she never believed I’d be back after the first class. (I could barely do any of the workout blocks). I began to research as I do- BeachBody and this drink called Shakeology. I am a bargain hunter. I love it and strive to get the very best deal. I watched EBay like an obsessed person. I purchased a bag of Vegan Chocolate. I liked it, but again skeptical. So I figured I’d give it the 30 days. Finally Finally Finally the scale started to move. I could do Insanity better, running was getting easier and I was actually beginning to enjoy it a little. Holy Cow—- Insanity, Shakeology and some running was working! So I decided to become a coach purely for the discount Shakeology. I purchased a Challenge pack of 21 Day Fix. I followed the program and learned SO MUCH. I was eating healthy, organic and fermented foods but in all the wrong quantities. I was wrong on what I thought a Complex Carb was. I was way off on how much healthy coconut oil I needed. I was not eating anywhere near enough protein or food for that matter. I had conditioned myself mentally that not eating was the answer- WRONG. While I had vegetables down I was off some on which where again complex carbs and which where not. Now with 21 Day Fix, Shakeology and Insanity the scale was straight dropping- FINALLY. Not in huge chunks but consistently and staying off.

A passion inside of me was Sparked! Being fit and healthy didn’t have to be so confusing and hard. It’s work to get fit -but no more work than caring around all that fat to do so little and watch others be able to do more. I wanted to share this with everyone and encourage others. This is NOT impossible as it had felt for years!

Guess what! I was a better woman, mother, wife and friend being able to do things with liveliness and endurance. I could play and protect my children better. I didn’t have to hide myself anymore because I knew I could be better but wasn’t. Mentally I was just so much stronger and happier. I knew if God called on me to do something- I would not have to say sorry Lord I’m too tired and out of shape.  Sure I am tired all the time. But it’s not the heavy heart, this is hard kind of tired. It’s the satisfying tired.

Do I have a lot of time- NO!

I am a wife, mom of 6, daughter, sister, woman, homeschool teacher, goat milker, and animal raiser. But I was just surviving through all those.

One thing I noticed that upset me was these unreal pictures of working out. Working Out is Ugly! So this Blog is my hope to encourage others by being real about Working Out and it’s many trials.

I hope you are encouraged and enjoy this Blog

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