PiYo Slides

PiYo Slides take any exercise move and take it to the next level!

They are Hard Core!

Or should I say they’ll give you a hard core?

Because they will if your consistent.


I ❤️ PiYo
I feel in love with PiYo when I began using it. I had lost 40pounds. While I had lost weight I did not feel attractive because my skin was so loose. I was thinner but flabby. I purchased PiYo and never looked back! I got stronger and firmer.

Here is my 1st Round of PiYo program Before and Afters


Most of all I love that it teaches:
1. Proper technique and form
2. Anyone in any condition can do it.
3. It will make you flexible and strong

I love PiYo so much I decided to become a Certified PiYo Instructor.



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New Beginnings- Old Fears

New Beginnings- Old Fears!

Man Lately – life has been a series of crazy new adventures.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions at best.  Some moments- well…..Let’s just say, ” I have not handled them so well.”

You see Fear is one of my many weaknesses.  To be honest it is something I thought I had grown out of.  Only to find out I had just made my life and that around me secure and comfortable.  I had apparently built up walls.  Walls I was blissfully unaware existed.

God brought this new at home business adventure in an interesting way in my life….

It all began with finally being fed up with being limited by being overweight.  Sick of being tired.  A long road of searching.  Joining Beachbody to get Shakeology at a discount.  Then falling in love with the company and proven products to a very REAL need to make money.  Help my family.  We where sinking financially. But I knew I was suppose to be home with my kids and continue Homeschooling.

So when I decided to make this a business.  I can honestly say I really had very little idea what I was in for.  And I don’t mean in business.  I mean in way of self development.  I am learning a lot.  Especially about putting myself out there…..to FAIL.

I am learning FAILURE is part of LEARNING and OKAY.

I get so upset I physically get sick to my stomach.  I stress. These to combined don’t make for a very nice person to be around.

Today this is what I did:

PiYO Classes & Shakeology Booth

PiYO Classes & Shakeology Booth

I put myself out there and allowed myself to be vulnerable.  My Banner is my before and after picture.  Just putting that out there was scary.  Above all else the idea of being able to help even 1 person who felt hopeless and horrible like I did is what drives me.


  • Failure is part of Learning

  • God can direct someone who is moving.  But what can He do with someone who is frozen and unwilling?

  • Not to let- My Fear Fracture My Faith