Yummy Fall Treat – Paleo Pumkin Pie Energy Bites! 

Do you like Pumpkin? 

Do you eat clean? 

Love to snack? Than these seem the way to go! 

Have fun – add somethings! 

I am going to roll mine in PB2. 

What would you add? 


Jennifer Gresham 

Sugar Detox

I’ve been on a great family RV trip for 3 weeks! 

While I was conscious of what I ate. I had to make realistic decisions to feed 8 on the road. Food that would store and cook fairly easily. Having a frig and freezer really helped. But let me real. We relaxed. 

I’d say I ate at least 50/60% clean. 

  • Needless to say I am doing a Sugar Detox when I get home. 
  • I will also be eating clean! 

I really like this simple template I found online


I’m starting this on August 24th(my anniversary)! 

If you’d like to join me- 

Email me at jennifergresham@yahoo.com

Traveling and Eating Clean with a big family

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Traveling and eating clean with a large family on a budget seems like an oxymoron.   I’m enjoying my trip and yes I’m going to endulge- here and there. To be successful and mostly guilt free-  There a few key decisions to decide before and during traveling  Decided the percentage your willing to endulge. Will […]

Water is Vital

Yes,  I  know you’ve heard it before!  

Yes, it’s worth saying again!  But this time LISTEN and ACT! 

 Being Hydrated should be a Priority as part of our health!

Water does so many important things:

  1. Fatigue Buster
  2. Muscle Fuel
  3. Clearer Skin
  4. Helps Control Calories
  5. Keep Kidneys Healthy
  6. Remedy for Headaches
  7. Carries Nutrition and Oxygen to Cells
  8. Cushions Joints

Just to name a few!

Do you track how much water your drink?  

Try it you’ll be surprised!  I’m willing to bet it is not enough!

Here is a simple equation for how much water you should drink-

body weight divided by 2 = how many Ounces of water per day

Water is boring you say- It doesn’t have to be!

Keep it simple and fresh! Be creative.

Add Organic Frozen Pineapple Pieces or Frozen Organic Blueberries to start.

I will be adding a whole page of recipes next week! Stay tuned!

Share your ideas and recipes here!


Nutrition Pictures



Love this reference!

Love Spouts

Soaking helps with nutrition and is so much easier to digest!