3 Week Sugar Cleanse Foods List

Eeeekkk Sugar Cleanse

Thats right you heard me.  

       As I right this I am sighing.  I’m not necessarily looking forward to this.  However, I am very much looking forward to the results!

I believe this will be good for me and is what I need. Soooooo with much trepidation I am committing,….. yes committing to do this cleanse!

As I go through this Cleanse I will post Blogs of my experiences.

I am not a professional nutritionist and you should check with you doctor first.

Why do I feel I need to do this cleanse?

I believe in and strive to eat clean natural real foods.

Recently I went on a 3 fun week family trip and made the decision to loosen up on my personal food choices.  I made sure I ate healthy about 60%-70% of the time.

When eating less healthy and more processed foods than I have in years, I knew I would eat more sugar than normal and get addicted.  I like sugar, who doesn’t? The reality is that sugar is very addictive. I do feel and believe that natural sugars such as honey, maple syrup, dates, fruits and molasses for example are okay in small servings.  However, if I want to brake this addiction and clean out the processed sugar- I need to be strict enough to avoid all sugar for a short time.  Then slowly incorporate natural unprocessed sugar as a minimal part of my food. So thats why I am doing this.

It is not a long term thing.  This is to bring my body back to what I know as healthy any time I have gotten off.

So here is my Food List:

3 Week CleansePDF

Sugar Cleanse Food List



More of my information has and is given to my private groups.

If your interested in having support and joining us just send me your email! Jennifergresham@yahoo.com

Traveling and Eating Clean with a big family

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Traveling and eating clean with a large family on a budget seems like an oxymoron.   I’m enjoying my trip and yes I’m going to endulge- here and there. To be successful and mostly guilt free-  There a few key decisions to decide before and during traveling  Decided the percentage your willing to endulge. Will […]

Shut the hell up!

We are on a long family trip. 

So things have not been going as smoothly as I had hoped with the RV. I was on such a high from Mt Rushmore but a series of events where chipping that quickly away. 


Mt Rushmore Run

Yesterday I prayed for things to be fixed and they where not.  

I came to God with full faith. As His child. What Father would not want to help there child with this true and very real need? 

Yet He said “No” 

I was confused, hurt and thin on hope. 

I had faith?

I believed?

He wants to help?

He is my Father? 


What had I don’t wrong? What could I have done better? What is wrong with me? 

I was struggling! The Holy Spirit was answering me but I was upset and to be honest didn’t want to hear it. I felt like a rejected child. 

After some time I remember or was reminded that I was allowing Satan a foothold. I was allowing him to ruin my attitude and therefore this trip. I was allowing him to steal the high I had earlier. 

I was giving him power he should not have. 

So I finally told him, “shut the hell up.”  

 Do I understand why God did not answer my prayers? NO! 

But I do know I am loved, not alone and He Will work all things for my good! I am His child. And He will do what is best for me. 

Mind Wars- learning to love yourself and your journey

Mind wars

I took this picture of myself to see the progress

 Right off I was disappointed and upset.

I thought after two years I should be much further than this!  All I could see was the lack of definition.  I felt I was still sticking out.  I was just utterly disappointed and hurt.  I showed my husband from whom, I got a positive response. Yet I still couldn’t see it. It made me really sad for a whole day I kept looking at my goal where I wanted to be. I knew when I shifted my goal from losing weight- to getting stronger – stronger with abs, I knew I’d might not ever achieve 100% 6 pack awesomeness.  I have had 7 babies and reality has to be a part of goals.

Here is a picture close to my goal but to be honest I don’t expect that- I am a different person- but you get the idea

I want definition.

I want to be able to not see a pooch!

I don’t even know if this is possible!!!  People,  I have given birth seven babies,  but I sure want to try and so I was highly disappointed.

Then all of a sudden this negative thought series spiraled.  I looked in the mirror and started noticing the blemishes and ache. They where more than normal from my having just had my period and all these extra sweaty work outs did not help.  I started to notice all the many other little “flaws” I have. Then I started really questioning myself, what I was doing and why- was all this worth it?

Then another web began. I started to beat myself up. I started thinking all the little times I didn’t say no to that small rare treat.

Forget the fact that I’ve said, “no” to thousands of sugary sweets. I’ve watched my husband eat them on the couch. I’ve watched my kids enjoy them. Then a new web formed and another spiral started. I began thinking about how I was loosening up a little in my diet and thinking well if you really want to get there you better be more serious… all these thoughts are flooding in and the war was raging in my head.

I wasn’t loving myself.

I wasn’t loving my progress.

I definitely wasn’t doing myself any credit for the hard work I’ve done.

I was reaching uncontrolled spiraling, when I heard that voice.  Praise God for the Holy Spirit, because He came in and said, “why are you listening to these words? These Lies? Why are you taking the beauty and glory out of the hard work, I’ve encouraged you and motivated you through. Why are you stealing the joy of the stubbornness I gave you while I was knitting you in your mothers womb? Why?”

“These thoughts are not real.  This is not reality!  I love you! You should love you!  You have worked hard! I’ve given you this endurance. Instead of seeing the beauty and enjoying the fruit. You wallowing in the filth of lies!”

So am I where I want to be- No.  Maybe I’ll get there maybe I won’t!

I praise God that He helped me refocus.  Unweave the webs and spirals of lies.  Come out of the darkness and into the light so I could see.  So I could pick myself up and move forward.  So I did not end the day feeling defeated.

I am on this journey and I plan to see it through.  And with the strength of the Lord it can be done.  How far I am not sure yet but I sure as hell am not giving in or up!

There is a War and it is so very much in my mind!!!!!!

I will be persistent and consistent to the best of my abilities.  I will show my kids what it is to set a goal and work hard for it.. TO DREAM BIG and strive for that dream.

I am strong because of Christ.  Because when I am weak- He picks me up.  He encourages me to fly.

Why am I so hungry? 


I don’t know about you, but after a workout I’m ready to eat! 
However the day after a serious vigorous workout I am STARVING

Have you ever wondered why you get so hungry? 

I have! Because the hunger can be crazy.  Crazy enough for me to think “what the heck is wrong with me?”

It’s a daily challenge to control what you eat and portion sizes, but add serious hunger and the first thing you see can be the first thing you eat.  Innocent bystanders beware!

I like this post explaining why! Check it out here

Have you ever experienced this hunger? 

Shorts with a Story

Have you ever found a piece of clothing you love?

Something you love but can’t fit into? 

This is how I felt about these Goncho Shorts(picture below) when I found them at the thrift store.

I liked them so much but was so not a size 7 at the time. In fact I honestly never thought I would be a size 7. But, I could not let them go!  So I forced them on my daughter. Justified buying them for “her.”

She hated them so they floated around the house. I finally excepted her dislike for them.  And threw them in my garage sale pile. There they sat for over a year.

I completely forgot about them. Started my journey to health. Then decided I better do something with my growing pile of sale clothes.  It had really grown due to the fact that, I was growing strong and losing my fat.

I found them!!!

“Oh I remember you,” I whispered.

I stood there holding these forbidden shorts- going through all the emotions they brought back.

  • “Sure you’ve been working hard but you’ll never fit in them. 
  • “If you try and can’t, you’ll only feel worse!” 
  • “But what if? I love these. I don’t want someone else to have them. ” 
  • Maybe they’ll just be a little tight and I can use them as a goal?!” 
  • “I rather know than always wonder!”

So after these throughts and 1000’s more. I finally, took a deep breath. Gulped and unbuttoned and unzipped these coveted shorts. I stood in front of my mirror but facing away. I didn’t want to watch but knew I’d want to size up how much work I’d need to get into them.

My first leg slipped in… then the next. Then…

Holy Cow.… they slipped over my hips!  I jumped for joy. Hands trimbling I grabbed the buttons and… WHAT THE HECK!  They buttoned. They flipping buttoned. Wait… wait… look in the mirror. Oh my gosh it is true!!!!  How could they fit?  It honestly felt unreal. Was I dreaming? They where snug- but no muffin top. I didn’t have to lay on the bed. THEY FIT

I was literally on cloud flipping 9

Here they ARE! HeHehehe 

Day 2- Doubts Set In


Struggling Mentally Today!

And.… doubts set in!

“Did I bite off more than I chew?”

“It’s probably not even possible!”

“Your going to fail”

“Your going to get board”

Etc. etc. etc.

We all have doubts!

I have them often.  What gets me through my doubts?

  • taking measurements
  • before and after pictures
  • making a list of what I have achieved since I began this journey.
  • looking at the timeline of my journey and specific accomplishments
  • knowing that even through failure I grow.  And I am free to fail because I am a child of God- He works all things for my good! Romans 8

?How do you combat your doubts? 

Time with your kids is short!


I try to remember this.
Some days all I want is to get behind a closed door and have some silence for 5 minutes.

When I was a younger mother of only 3 I struggled with being content a lot more. I felt my being home deep in unnoticed work was near imprisonment. It was never done, didn’t last and very rarely noticed by anyone.

I really struggled. I was unhappy and feeding my unhappiness was my focusing in all the wrong places. I knew it but just couldn’t get my emotions and thoughts under control.  It just all felt so mundane and never ending.

I was really struggling.  I knew what I was going was important and what I was suppose to do in my heart of hearts.  I went to God and prayed.  He helped me yet I continued to struggle not because going to God was not sufficient – NO it was the opposite. I just could not fully let go……  I continue to run to God and in His love and Patients He continued to always be there, listen and feed my soul and heart.  One day I was in a Christian books store.  I wanted something to read and but we all know not everything on a Christian Book store shelf is worth reading or God based.  Just like not everything in an Organic Healthy Food store is not good for you.  So I said a quick pray and he led me to a very tiny little book:

The Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman: When Only God Sees by, Nicole Johnson 

This book was a great Encouragement and is simple and small.  Worth it in every way!  Check it out.

Jennifer Gresham

6 Hard Truths About Exercise- Worth the Read

I love this article.

This is great information for anyone thinking about getting fit.  An excellent reminder for those who have started the journey.

my goal is to help others.  To motivate, encourage and push them.

I have been there-

I have been obese.

I have felt hopeless.

That things where too hard

I was too tired

Too busy

Didn’t know enough

ect…… the feelings, emotions and excuses could fill pages!


I have seen many start and when things start to get hard and uncomfortable- (and I promise they will) give up.  Being sore is uncomfortable. The mind tells us we can’t, aren’t worth it, taking time away from more important things and more.  Old injuries flare up, new ones are discovered.  But the things is……. Changing something- means just that.  Things aren’t changed with out taring down, reshaping, rebuilding and modification.  That is UNCOMFORTABLE!

It saddens me when I see someone give up because that means so many things:

It is to the point- yet informative!


Turning Temptation into Reward

My husband is my biggest Fan in my journey to being fit.

However, one of his love laungues is gift giving!……. GREAT RIGHT.

Well it is great but with “every rose there is a thorn.”

So I love these Chocolate, Creme Filled, Fudge Covered Decadent Luscious Cupcakes.  They are little pieces of heaven.

To say I love them is not an exaggeration.  I will not share them with my children.  They are my “precious”.   So I purposely do not buy them.  It has been at least 6 months since I’ve seen them.  My wonderful hubby brought home some to say he loves me.  My first instinct was to crumble to the floor and cry, “wwwwhhhyyy.”   I did not want to take his gift less and make him feel bad about it.  He is far more important than my diet, working out or drive to be fit.  So I said, “thank you!” And excepted this lushious temptation.  While I sat at our kitchen table contemplating eating all 4 at once or throwing them in trash(Which let’s be real, I could never throw away such wonderful dark chocolate wonderfulness. That is just crazy talk). I was praying- yes praying.  Lord help me.

He brought the idea to me to make them Goal CupCakes.  Not Guilt Laden Cupcakes. 

Basically 1 Cupcake for every 1 mile I added to my goal.  So that would translate to 1 CupCake a week.  I knew I’d want these cupcakes BAD.  They would drive me!  So I carefully closed the aromatic box. Placed that into a gallon size ziplock and placed in my back refrigerator.  Out of sight but not out of mind!

That is how I turned my Beautiful Temptation Cupcakes into- Beautiful Goal Cupcakes that I could eat with enjoyment and pride!IMG_8825