Love Bag

The Love Bag was named by my Son.

As a mother there are many times I feel helpless! 

Especially when one of my babies is sick!  And yes, they will always be my babies.  This bag was created with love for my son.

My son as reciently sick with a sever stomach bug for. Doctors visit confirmed it was a bug but still, I was really worried.

All I could do was hold him, pray and rub his tummy while he struggled. I felt helpless. I felt like I needed to do something more!

I was feeling overwhelmed when a call from my mom encouraged me and inspiring me to think of simple comforts like warmth and tea for my son.

So I decided I could make a rice warmer bag. I wanted something that would warm his tummy and not his ribs. I decided to shape it so it would fit around the neck and pelvis for the most common aches and pains in my family.

Out of Love this bag was created:

pattern below- read to end!


They became so popular I make them by order only.

They are:

100% Cotton $10.00 + shipping

100% Organic Cotton & rice $15.00 + shipping

You can request a color or pattern.  I use only pure cotton- it’s soft, it heats evenly and holds the heat longer!

When I looked at my finished craft. Placed it on my sons achy body and watched him finally rest and sleep. I realized, “just being here is what matters!” 

If I was not here I could not have made this. I could not have comforted my crying boy. These are the moments that matter. I don’t know if he’ll remember? But I’ll know that when my baby was sick I was able to be there for him. And to me that matters! 

I just grabbed the material and made up the pattern from some different ones I remember seeing in the past.

It was easy. If I can do it so can you! 


  • Cotton Fabric
  • Sissiors
  • Thread
  • Bobbin
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Marker
  • Ruler something to measure with
  • Rice 

I measured with the desire to fit the shoulders of an adult!

I used a lid to create the half circle.  Then I made another half circle an inch smaller so I could hem it.

Sew the boarder, make each compartment (but do not sew off),  then fill each compartment and finished it off!


With a new bag start with 1 minute in the microwave.  Check bag,  and if more heat is desired  flip bag and add 30 seconds to 1 more minute, until desired temperature  is reached.  Never place directly on skin.  Have cloths between bag and skin.   Better to have it too cool than too hot!


Family Cheat Day

Your family eats what you Eat & Prepare!

If your the one planning meals, buying the food, & cooking-
your families health is in large your responsibility!

I’m not talking about the fact genetically & environmentally.

What we eat- is either fueling a disease or curing it!



I was sitting at the table working on my laptop when I looked up to see my littlest man trying to sneak some pizza.  Cute isn’t he!!!!

I snapped a picture because well- I am a mom and it was just too cute not to.  As I looked at the photo, I began thinking more and more about how kids and my husband without question(in general) will eat what ever I put in front of them.  They might whine a little from time to time but I am the one who provides the food they eat.  Thus- I am responsible for their health as far as what they consume.  I don’t know about you but that is a BIG responsibility.  One I am not going to take lightly, either.  However, my goal is to be balanced.  I am not going to be a control freak who never allows for an occasional pizza or a fun desert.  And if I can, I will make it myself with whole grains and soak it, ferment it or sprout it! What we eat is mainly liked from the habits we have formed by providing it.  So choose wisely!