Change – October Challenge

Okay so October is almost here! 

I can hardly believe it. It feels like summer just started. 

So there are a few things I keep telling myself I will do 1 day!

  1. Learn to do a front flip
  2. Run an 1/2 and full Marathon
  3. Get my bed room deep clean
  4. Not have clean laundry on my couch- (never going to happen)
  5. Get up every morning at 5:30 to get my studies, paper work, & things I need quite for done. 

So for October I have decided I am going to take at least one of these off my list! 

I have started a challenge group so we can share our 1 goal and hold eachother accountable! Support and motivate eachother! 

If your interested in Joining this Private Challenge Group ūüĒú

  1. Go to my Facebook page and like it! 
  2. Message me and I’ll add you to the private group!

That is it!!!!

Join us and get at least one of your “one day”, Done! ūüėČ 


Shut the hell up!

We are on a long family trip. 

So things have not been going as smoothly as I had hoped with the RV. I was on such a high from Mt Rushmore but a series of events where chipping that quickly away. 


Mt Rushmore Run

Yesterday I prayed for things to be fixed and they where not.  

I came to God with full faith. As His child. What Father would not want to help there child with this true and very real need? 

Yet He said “No” 

I was confused, hurt and thin on hope. 

I had faith?

I believed?

He wants to help?

He is my Father? 


What had I don’t wrong? What could I have done better? What is wrong with me? 

I was struggling! The Holy Spirit was answering me but I was upset and to be honest didn’t want to hear it. I felt like a rejected child. 

After some time I remember or was reminded that I was allowing Satan a foothold. I was allowing him to ruin my attitude and therefore this trip. I was allowing him to steal the high I had earlier. 

I was giving him power he should not have. 

So I finally told him, “shut the hell up.”  

 Do I understand why God did not answer my prayers? NO! 

But I do know I am loved, not alone and He Will work all things for my good! I am His child. And He will do what is best for me. 

Matcha Tea – why I drink it? Recipes

So I am new to Matcha.

I have quickly fallen in love with it! 

I have always loved black tea.  However, I am not a fan of the flavor of green tea. I like the nutrient benefits of green tea but truly dislike the flavor. 

I recently began drinking coffee and was finally enjoying it only to discover I have reflux and Gerd problemsРso out went coffee! 

I wanted to find a replacement for the enjoyment of the caffeine yet not upset my throat and vocal cords. 

I found Matcha. I think because I love tea. 

I first tried a Matcha Latte using almond milk:

It was really yummy, but right off I noticed it smelled a lot like sea weed. This however,  did not bother me as I eat a fair amount of sea weed and enjoy it.  It will bother some people.

What really got me excited is that I got the health benefits, caffeine and without the jitters or shakes!!!!!!!

Coffee made me very jittery and black tea will always be my favorite but I would like a little more nutrition and well… to be honest caffeine .

Next,  I researched Matcha and which tea to get. I love this site Matcha brand reviews.  This gives a simple & honest review of brands. 

I bought my Matcha and then tried it for the first time made the traditional way. The flavor was powerful. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it. I’m working my way to drinking it like this. I feel it is the¬†healthiest way.¬†

So here is how I am drinking it sometimes , and enjoying it very much!

I do not have the special bamboo brother or an electric frother.  To be honest Matcha was expensive and I will have to buy those another time. So I did what I do best and improvised.

Main Recipe:

  • 2 ounces hot water below 175¬į
  • 4 ounces unsweetened almond milk¬†
  • 1/2 to 1 tsp Cerimonial Matcha (depending how strong you want it)
  • 1 tsp maple syrup or honey
  • Shaker bottle
  • Whisk ball


Place water and milk in shaker bottle.  Sprinkle Matcha powder on top. Then use same measuring spoon for syrup (saves a dish).

Place lid on tightly and shake shake shake….. shake shake shake….. shake that bottle owe….

Matcha Black Tea Latte- Jennifer Creation


  • 4 oz favorite black tea
  • 2 oz hot water (below 175¬į)
  • 4 oz unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tsp Matcha
  • 1 tsp Org Maple Syrup or Raw Honey


Make favorite hot tea. 

Place hot tea, water, and milk in shaker bottle. Sprinkle Matcha powder on top. Then use same measuring spoon for syrup (saves a dish).

Place lid on tightly and shake shake shake….. shake shake shake….. shake that bottle owe….

Yummy, warm and has a nice thick froth on top!


Why am I so hungry? 


I don’t know about you, but after a workout I’m ready to eat!¬†
However the day after a serious vigorous workout I am STARVING! 

Have you ever wondered why you get so hungry? 

I have! Because the hunger can be crazy. ¬†Crazy enough for me to think¬†‚Äúwhat the heck is wrong with me?”

It’s a daily¬†challenge to control what you eat and portion sizes, but add serious hunger and the first thing you see can be the first thing you eat. ¬†Innocent¬†bystanders beware!

I like this post explaining why! Check it out here! 

Have you ever experienced this hunger? 

Shorts with a Story

Have you ever found a piece of clothing you love?

Something you love but can’t fit into?¬†

This is how I felt about these Goncho Shorts(picture below) when I found them at the thrift store.

I liked them so much but was so not a size 7 at the time. In fact I honestly never thought I would be a size 7. But, I could not let them go! ¬†So I forced them on my daughter. Justified buying them for “her.”

She hated them so they floated around the house. I finally excepted her dislike for them.  And threw them in my garage sale pile. There they sat for over a year.

I completely forgot about them. Started my journey to health. Then decided I better do something with my growing pile of sale clothes.  It had really grown due to the fact that, I was growing strong and losing my fat.

I found them!!!

“Oh I remember you,” I whispered.

I stood there holding these forbidden shorts- going through all the emotions they brought back.

  • “Sure you’ve been working hard but you’ll never fit in them.¬†
  • “If you try and can’t, you’ll only feel worse!”¬†
  • “But what if? I love these. I don’t want someone else to have them. ”¬†
  • Maybe they’ll just be a little tight and I can use them as a goal?!”¬†
  • “I rather know than always wonder!”

So after these throughts and 1000’s more. I finally, took a deep breath. Gulped and unbuttoned and unzipped these coveted shorts. I stood in front of my mirror but facing away. I didn’t want to watch but knew I’d want to size up how much work I’d need to get into them.

My first leg slipped in… then the next. Then‚Ķ

Holy Cow.‚Ķ they slipped over my hips! ¬†I jumped for joy. Hands trimbling I grabbed the buttons and‚Ķ WHAT THE HECK! ¬†They buttoned. They flipping buttoned. Wait‚Ķ wait… look in the mirror. Oh my gosh it is true!!!! ¬†How could they fit? ¬†It honestly felt unreal. Was I dreaming? They where snug- but no muffin top. I didn’t have to lay on the bed. THEY FIT

I was literally on cloud flipping 9! 

Here they ARE! HeHehehe 

Day 2- Doubts Set In


Struggling Mentally Today!

And.… doubts set in!

“Did I bite off more than I chew?”

“It’s probably not even possible!”

“Your going to fail”

“Your going to get board”

Etc. etc. etc.

We all have doubts!

I have them often.  What gets me through my doubts?

  • taking measurements
  • before and after pictures
  • making a list of what I have achieved since I began this journey.
  • looking at the timeline of my journey and specific accomplishments
  • knowing that even through failure I grow. ¬†And I am free to fail because I am a child of God- He works all things for my good! Romans 8

?How do you combat your doubts? 

Overweight is easy to become and a hard thing to do! 


I have had this thought a time or 2! 

I have been asked when and how I became so overweight before my journey?

To be honest with you, I can not pin down a certain time or even. I just began to not care much about myself or my health. I remember after baby #3 the weight not coming off easily. I had had real thyroid problems during the pregnancy which continued after I gave birth. Then baby #4 and weight again didn’t come off early and well I never got back to my healthy weight!  I felt discouraged and almost like it was just something I had to except. Then baby #5 same problems but I had given up and it just compounded and compounded. I lost belief in myself and my ability to be a healthy weight. I had forgotten how it felt to be strong and excepted being fatigued and less alive. Oh I was busy. Very busy. But I didn’t take care of myself. I stopped caring about myself. I wasn’t having success so I forgot about myself and told myself, “I’ll just pour all my attention into my kids something I can do and that is considered  heroic!  I can tell someone, “I don’t have time for myself and that’s okay. I am focused on my kids right now. I’ll worry about myself later!”  People would agree and tell me, what a loving of a mother I was. 

But I was so tired and I felt sad.

 I was on the couch one day and I saw something on the floor and the idea of picking it up was a problem. A problem to simply pick up something!!!

 God said to me, “you have a problem. You are not living the life I’ve given you to the fullest. If something happened would you be strong enough and have the endurance to protect your family?  Could you run out after your child and grab them out of possible harm?  Are you a truly involved mom or a spectator?”  Well that shook me!  

That was my wake up call. I was not the woman, wife, mom or person I wanted to be! 

With the Lords help I began my journey. He sustained my drive and desire to overcome the many hurdals I came to!  Those are another post! But I had them and they where many with doctors and more. 

Today I honestly feel better! I am happier, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

This is my motivation to help others!

Chinese Food Ruined My Sex Life!

I love Chinese Food!

However, being someone who try’s to eat Clean as much as possible eating out can be a real challenge.

I must also mention I am very allergic to MSG of any form.  Unfortunately it has become renamed so many things ( here is a list ) it is a real challenge to stay away from MSG.

We often ask restaurants if they uses MSG. ¬† We always hear ¬†a resounding ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ. ¬†To which we ask again adding, ‚ÄúI am highly allergic‚ÄĚ. ¬†70% of the time we here something like, ‚Äúwell we only have it in some of our dishes‚Ķ‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

It has been a recurring story that we find one or two Chinese Food restaurants who do not use MSG.  Things begin fine but within a year or so something changes(the cook or management)  and I begin to get sick.

My husband and I have a healthy and active sex life.  But this past week had been more than hectic and we had not had the time to be together in a couple days.  This is hard on me (us).  So we planned to make tonight the night no matter what……..  It would be perfect!  We had plans to eat out which makes the evening easier. Come home do our stuff get the 6 kids to bed and the night was ours.

We went to one of our commonly visited Chinese food restaurants.  I enjoyed my food and was very satisfied.   I did not over eat, I wanted to be ready for the night with my hubby.

We left the restaurant and began heading home.  It takes about 35 mins to get home.  However, within about 5 mins of my husbands driving I began to have gas.  It was horrible painful cramping gas.  Gas you just couldn’t wait to release.  We have been married 18 years.  So farting really is no big deal.  So I let go……

OH MY GOSH  I almost died from my own fart.  The entire family began gagging and crying out for the windows to be opened.  Mind you- it is December at night and about 20 degrees outside.  However freezing to death seemed to be a fantastic option to dying from suffocation by this chemical warfare I had just produced.

The cramping was so bad ‚Ķ…farting felt soooo good.

I had to fart again or I would explode.

My poor husband was tearing up and gagging so bad and he could barely drive. ¬†Kids where screaming, ‚ÄúMom NOOOOOO.‚ÄĚ ¬†But I just had too. ¬†Each time I farted it was silent yet freeing and (sigh) yes there where several and constant farts – Each time I warned my family of the oncoming doom. ¬†It seemed like the least I should do. ¬†Especially since my previous chemical warfare had not yet even cleared. ¬†Nor ever did. ¬† I felt so bad, but so good at the same time. ¬†I was so guilty, so embarrassed, and I yet had to laugh in my shame. ¬†The entire car of 8 tightly fitting people, myself included, were gagging and gasping.

We finally got home and I unloaded in the restroom.  Even with the fan on, my house became a nauseous Armageddon.  My entire family was begging me to stop.  Asking what in the world I had eaten.  Even my sweet little 20 month old son looked at me in horror and shame.

The entire house was now contaminated and blanketed in a nauseous heavy gas. ¬†Afraid to light a candle in fear of a massive explosion. ¬†We all just accepted it. ¬†I was exhausted from the battle my body had just delivered to the innocent toilet. ¬†I sat there looking at my horrified husband. ¬†In 18 years I have never had such a battle. ¬†I ¬†sadly and quietly stated, “there is no way we will be able to have sex tonight. ¬†I was truly disappointed, but so grossed out, so tired and still a little gassy. ¬†There was just no way I could even imagine feeling sexy.

All I could say is, ” Chinese Food Ruined My Sex Life.”

Clean Eater


This my friends is one of my many Jennifer Moments.