Plank Challange


Love them…

Hate them…

not sure…

Why planks? 

Planks are an awesome, low impact way of strengthening your core! 

Strong Core- literally makes everything easier and with less injuries. 

I use to hate them. When I began 10 Seconds felt like a Year.  After 7 pregnancies and becoming very over weight my core was shot. But I was persistent and now I understand their benefit and enjoy the challenge. 

Proper form is KEY! 

Do Not skip over this section.

I can not express enough how important form is! When you do an exercise wrong you risk injury. Which in turn can become a vicious cycle.

Your out of shape ➡️ workout (wrong form) ➡️ injury (stop)➡️ back to the beginning – your out of shape.  

This can be very discouraging. But proper form and strengthening you core will really reduce your risk of injury.  So enough ranting- but it’s true! 

video to proper plank form

So this challenge format is simple.  Below I have the Challenge in picture form.  I grabbed it from Hello Healthy


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Let me know how your doing! Share pictures of your planks!

Day 1  Mom of 7 – Abs?

Can a mom who’s had 7 Pregnancies have Visible Abs?

To be honest- I’m not even 100% sure I can do this. 

I would like Abs. Even a defined 2 pack.

I have given birth to 7 beautiful babies!  I’m proud of each and every stretch mark and my stretched stomach skin. It does leave me to wonder,  “can I even achieve this?” I know I will not have the stomach of a fitness model who has never had a baby.  But can I Jennifer mom of 7 have abs you can see or want to see?

 I might not. But I sure am going to try.

I want to know.  

Can Jennifer Gresham 37 years old, after 7 babies (2 of which weighted 9+lbs) and being over 200lbs have a defined stomach?

Well let’s see.…

So here’s to Day 1

PiYo Slides

PiYo Slides take any exercise move and take it to the next level!

They are Hard Core!

Or should I say they’ll give you a hard core?

Because they will if your consistent.


I ❤️ PiYo
I feel in love with PiYo when I began using it. I had lost 40pounds. While I had lost weight I did not feel attractive because my skin was so loose. I was thinner but flabby. I purchased PiYo and never looked back! I got stronger and firmer.

Here is my 1st Round of PiYo program Before and Afters


Most of all I love that it teaches:
1. Proper technique and form
2. Anyone in any condition can do it.
3. It will make you flexible and strong

I love PiYo so much I decided to become a Certified PiYo Instructor.



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