Creamy Sweet Potato & Asparagus Soup- Slow cooker

Creamy Sweet Potato & Asparagus Soup- Slow cooker
by Jennifer Gresham

I used two of my favorite kitchen tools to make this soup- My slow cooker/crockpot and blender wand.  However, you do not have to use a slow cooker.  This soup can be easily made on the stove top or even with a pressure cooker. Also it does not have to be creamy. I used my blender wand instead of my beloved blender because of the quantity of soup and to save time. This can be done in a Vitamix.

Feeds: 8-10 people
Slow Cooker on Low for 8hrs or high for 6hrs


2 Large Sweet Potatoes
1 Bunch Asparagus
1 medium to large yellow or Spanish onion
4-5 Garlic cloves
1 TBS non MSG or chemical Chicken Broth Concentrate
6-8 C water
1 can Coconut Creme (if you do not have the creme- use coconut milk and reduce water by 1-2 cups)
2 TBS Butter or Olive Oil
1 tsp or to taste Curry powder
Salt and Pepper to taste

Clean Asparagus and drain. Peel and Chop Sweet potatoes and onion. Peel and dice or press the garlic. Cut dead ends off Asparagus and chop. Place all ingredients into slow cooker. Mix and Add Chicken Broth. Add Curry Powder, 2 Tbs butter and water. Let cook. 30- 1 hour before serving add Coconut Creme or Milk. Stir and then with Wand Blender in Crock (kept at bottom) blend until creamy and all large pieces are blended.
Serve hot and enjoy!

My entire family enjoyed this. Even my 3 yr old who just had to get over the green color, of which we told him was cool. 🙂 It helped that green is his favorite color at the moment.