3 Week Sugar Cleanse Foods List

Eeeekkk Sugar Cleanse

Thats right you heard me.  

       As I right this I am sighing.  I’m not necessarily looking forward to this.  However, I am very much looking forward to the results!

I believe this will be good for me and is what I need. Soooooo with much trepidation I am committing,….. yes committing to do this cleanse!

As I go through this Cleanse I will post Blogs of my experiences.

I am not a professional nutritionist and you should check with you doctor first.

Why do I feel I need to do this cleanse?

I believe in and strive to eat clean natural real foods.

Recently I went on a 3 fun week family trip and made the decision to loosen up on my personal food choices.  I made sure I ate healthy about 60%-70% of the time.

When eating less healthy and more processed foods than I have in years, I knew I would eat more sugar than normal and get addicted.  I like sugar, who doesn’t? The reality is that sugar is very addictive. I do feel and believe that natural sugars such as honey, maple syrup, dates, fruits and molasses for example are okay in small servings.  However, if I want to brake this addiction and clean out the processed sugar- I need to be strict enough to avoid all sugar for a short time.  Then slowly incorporate natural unprocessed sugar as a minimal part of my food. So thats why I am doing this.

It is not a long term thing.  This is to bring my body back to what I know as healthy any time I have gotten off.

So here is my Food List:

3 Week CleansePDF

Sugar Cleanse Food List



More of my information has and is given to my private groups.

If your interested in having support and joining us just send me your email! Jennifergresham@yahoo.com

Sugar Detox

I’ve been on a great family RV trip for 3 weeks! 

While I was conscious of what I ate. I had to make realistic decisions to feed 8 on the road. Food that would store and cook fairly easily. Having a frig and freezer really helped. But let me real. We relaxed. 

I’d say I ate at least 50/60% clean. 

  • Needless to say I am doing a Sugar Detox when I get home. 
  • I will also be eating clean! 

I really like this simple template I found online


I’m starting this on August 24th(my anniversary)! 

If you’d like to join me- 

Email me at jennifergresham@yahoo.com

Traveling and Eating Clean with a big family

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Traveling and eating clean with a large family on a budget seems like an oxymoron.   I’m enjoying my trip and yes I’m going to endulge- here and there. To be successful and mostly guilt free-  There a few key decisions to decide before and during traveling  Decided the percentage your willing to endulge. Will […]