New Beginnings- Old Fears

New Beginnings- Old Fears!

Man Lately – life has been a series of crazy new adventures.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions at best.  Some moments- well…..Let’s just say, ” I have not handled them so well.”

You see Fear is one of my many weaknesses.  To be honest it is something I thought I had grown out of.  Only to find out I had just made my life and that around me secure and comfortable.  I had apparently built up walls.  Walls I was blissfully unaware existed.

God brought this new at home business adventure in an interesting way in my life….

It all began with finally being fed up with being limited by being overweight.  Sick of being tired.  A long road of searching.  Joining Beachbody to get Shakeology at a discount.  Then falling in love with the company and proven products to a very REAL need to make money.  Help my family.  We where sinking financially. But I knew I was suppose to be home with my kids and continue Homeschooling.

So when I decided to make this a business.  I can honestly say I really had very little idea what I was in for.  And I don’t mean in business.  I mean in way of self development.  I am learning a lot.  Especially about putting myself out there… FAIL.

I am learning FAILURE is part of LEARNING and OKAY.

I get so upset I physically get sick to my stomach.  I stress. These to combined don’t make for a very nice person to be around.

Today this is what I did:

PiYO Classes & Shakeology Booth

PiYO Classes & Shakeology Booth

I put myself out there and allowed myself to be vulnerable.  My Banner is my before and after picture.  Just putting that out there was scary.  Above all else the idea of being able to help even 1 person who felt hopeless and horrible like I did is what drives me.


  • Failure is part of Learning

  • God can direct someone who is moving.  But what can He do with someone who is frozen and unwilling?

  • Not to let- My Fear Fracture My Faith

Super Mom

Super Mom

Is there such a thing?

    Let me start off by saying…. Does it matter.   Why are you referring to a super mom?  Is it to compare yourself to someone else?  Is it to put pressure on yourself or worse someone else?

    To your family and your children you are Super Mom.  Do you love your family and kids?  Do you put them before yourself and your desires?  Than there you go.  No one can do better.

   One persons ability is not anothers.  We ALL struggle.  My busy to you may not be busy or overwhelm you.  Your talents to me may be unachievable.  There is no secret type or formula.  Each family is different.  God gave you the kids he gave you for a purpose.  That’s right for all your good and bad -He choose you.  It’s a high calling -no doubt.  And one to take seriously and with gratitude.  Yes even when your doing that frustratingly never done thing.  Yes you get tired.  We should not measure ourselves by others.  We should measure ourselves by God’s standards and what He wants for us to achieve.  Let’s be clear-this is not an excuse to do nothing.  To sit back.

In the simplest form what I am hoping to convey is…

Do not compare yourself and what you do to others.  Work hard! Be tired! At the end of the day have as few regrets as possible knowing you did all you could.  But nothing good comes from comparing yourself or someone else to a standard.  I am all for healthy competitiveness!  It helps drive me.  I love being inspired by others and what they do.  But comparison takes it to something different.  Comparison is a kind of discontentness that breeds unhappiness that spreads like a lethal disease.

So let’s focus on being the best kind of us we can be.  What is a mom anyway?

To me a mom is someone who is self sacrificing and can be depend and counted on.  I am big on not lying to my kids.  If it is something not age appropriate I simply tell them it is something we will talk about at another time.   I want to be an example of Christ to my kids.  Christ was strong and kind.  Self sacrificing, hard working, not people fearing, yet merciful and compassionate.

Here are some of the few verses of mothers:


Slow Cooker Meat Loaf and Potato Meal

Slow Cooker Meatloaf and Potatoes

Entire Meal Done!

Did you know you could make Meat Loaf in a slow cooker?

There isn’t much you can’t make in a slow cooker.  It is every busy persons friend.  As you master using it your friendship grows and for has even become a type of love affair !

I used this recipe as my base recipe.

Here is what I did:

Jennifer’s Slow Cooker Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes in 1

This could be easier or more yummy!

I made this for my family of 8. So adjust the according to your needs.

8 potatoes, peeled and cut in 1/4
2 pounds ground elk (beef)
1/2 pound msg free natural sausage
1 large onion, finely chopped
1/2 cup ketchup
1 cup bbq sauce
2-3 pieces whole wheat seeded bread made into cruces in processor
2 eggs
3-4 dashes worchester sauce
2 teaspoons celery salt
1 teaspoon savory (maybe a little more)
1 Tablespoon prepared yellow mustard
4 Tablespoons organic butter
1 cup goat milk (unsweetened almond milk or cow milk)

*Layer cut potatoes on the bottom of the crock. Cut butter into cubes and place around in cut potatoes. Pour milk in crock.  Potatoes should cover the bottom of the crock completely.

*In a large bowl mix meats and all remaining ingredients. Mix really well. I suggest throwing all ingredients into a large bowl and then mix it with hands.  Once your hands are in the raw meat mixture, you won’t want to take them out wash and then add ingredients. 

* Shape meet into a loaf shape.  Set on top of the potatoes.  Finalize the meat loaf shape once in crock.  Do not press down into the potatoes.

*Cook on low for about 7-8 hours or high for 4-5 hours. So if you do not remember to start your crock prep before lunch that’s okay- there is still plenty of time. 

**Once cooked and finalizing preparation for dinner I made mixed green vegetables.  Then I took the meatloaf out of the Crock and placed nicely on a plater using 2 spatula’s.  Now comes the yummy mashed potatoes.

I added to the potatoes and juice in the crock:

2 cups sour cream 
more milk
celtic sea salt to taste
1 stick of organic butter

Using a Hand Blender mixing all ingredients until you have a mashed potato insistency you like.  I like mine a little lumpy.  My entire family raved about these mashed potatoes.  They very much liked the meat loaf also.  I asked where there was room for improvement.  I felt it need a little more salt but was disagreed with.  However 1/2 of the family like speeding my homemade lacto fermented ketchup on top of their piece of meatloaf.  So have fun and make it your own.

Let me know what you do to your meat loaf? Share your ideas and flavors! 

Butterfly First Flight

Butterfly First Flight


We had some family friends of ours bring us some Caterpillars who had gotten into their Dill.  They knew we homeschooled and thought it would be a great project and it was! We thought they where Monarch caterpillars.  It turns out that they where Anise Swallowtail Butterflies! The caterpillars of the Anise Swallowtail and Monarch are very similar.  So it was a great classification lesson.

It only took about 1 week to watch these Caterpillars go into their Chrysalis.  This morning the first one hatched.  It was so much fun and so beautiful.  I highly suggest that any parent do this project with their children.  Life long memories and very easy to do.

Enjoy this video of it’s first flight!  Here

There are some great Science web sites that teach about a butterflies life cycle!

Check them out!:


I am just so amazed how the beauty of life never grow old.  But listening to kids watch it – that is joy!