I Touched Her Heart

Today my 14 year old daughter came to me with an Movie she made for me.  She made it because she wanted to help me reach people to help them.

A few things rushed through my head……

1. How did she do that on the laptop I have had since 2009 and never knew it was possible.

2. She was on my LapTop without asking. I had “no” idea- Parent Failure **sigh**

When I watched it I was flooded with emotions and thoughts.

1st off I would never put that picture of me eating a hugely inappropriately sized donut- NEVER.  Wait, why did I even let that picture be taken?  I am also unsure if I would place those pictures of me without makeup on in it.  The wording she used was a little more raw than I would have used.  But all of this was REAL and therefore good.  She made me step outside of my comfort zone!  That was for sure!

Then I sat down. Thought some more and realized what really mattered in all this:

My daughter saw something in me and what I was trying to do.  She believes in me and my goals.  I have gained her respect.  She has watched me this almost 1 year struggle.  She has seen me exhausted because I choose to sleep less and workout.  She has dealt with my crankiness from struggles. She has seen all of me, struggle, cry, laugh, meet goals, grow stronger mentally and physically.   NOTHING and I mean NOTHING else could matter more to me.  If I never encourage or inspire one other person- That is OKAY because I have inspired my daughter.  She will live a healthier and therefore better quality of life. She has learned from all this and has been encouraged to become healthier.  She has begun running. I just had no idea that I had touched her heart.  That is PRICELESS.

I can not thank God more for encouraging me to take this journey.  To respect what He has made and given me.  It has been hard but a great blessing.

Here is another link of my daughter Hannah’s video for her mama- http://youtu.be/UBk1yfSt3w0

Turning Temptation into Reward

My husband is my biggest Fan in my journey to being fit.

However, one of his love laungues is gift giving!……. GREAT RIGHT.

Well it is great but with “every rose there is a thorn.”

So I love these Chocolate, Creme Filled, Fudge Covered Decadent Luscious Cupcakes.  They are little pieces of heaven.

To say I love them is not an exaggeration.  I will not share them with my children.  They are my “precious”.   So I purposely do not buy them.  It has been at least 6 months since I’ve seen them.  My wonderful hubby brought home some to say he loves me.  My first instinct was to crumble to the floor and cry, “wwwwhhhyyy.”   I did not want to take his gift less and make him feel bad about it.  He is far more important than my diet, working out or drive to be fit.  So I said, “thank you!” And excepted this lushious temptation.  While I sat at our kitchen table contemplating eating all 4 at once or throwing them in trash(Which let’s be real, I could never throw away such wonderful dark chocolate wonderfulness. That is just crazy talk). I was praying- yes praying.  Lord help me.

He brought the idea to me to make them Goal CupCakes.  Not Guilt Laden Cupcakes. 

Basically 1 Cupcake for every 1 mile I added to my goal.  So that would translate to 1 CupCake a week.  I knew I’d want these cupcakes BAD.  They would drive me!  So I carefully closed the aromatic box. Placed that into a gallon size ziplock and placed in my back refrigerator.  Out of sight but not out of mind!

That is how I turned my Beautiful Temptation Cupcakes into- Beautiful Goal Cupcakes that I could eat with enjoyment and pride!IMG_8825

Why I do this…

My Motivation

My “Why” has several layers.

My biggest Ah Ha moment was when I realized I was not fully the mom or wife I could be.  It’s funny how when it is for yourself at times you can let that go but when what your doing effects others- it inspires you to change.  This video is my personal motivation for fitness and nutrition.  It is raw, unrehearsed and unwritten.  With 6 kids I had been wanting to do this but time kept escaping me.  I was on my way into town by myself and pulled over and grabbed the moment.

To listen click on the above link. Thanks for listening.  I hope it inspire and touched you.

Share your motivation with me!

Share why you can’t find the motivation?

We are all in this together.  What I do or do not do effects you and what you do or do not do effects me.  I am here for you!

Jennifer Gresham


Welcome to my New Blog-

Working Out is Ugly

This is a Blog about my journey to get Fit and Healthy.

The realities of Working Out!

It’s my passion that this will Encourage others to not give up due to unrealistic views the media and others put out!

Working out is not sexy. It helps you become sexy (what ever that really means).  Guess what- You sweat, you smell, your hair gets wet, things jiggle and shake.  Is it worth it? Your darn straight it is.  But lets stop lying and be honest.  After a real workout.  Your a hot mess.  Oh and by the way even after you shower- sometimes you still sweat.  Yep even after you’ve put on that makeup.

Stay tuned for my First Blog My “WHY” I workout                                                                          August 8th Friday.  I will post every Friday at 6:00am MST

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